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Evaluation is an essential phase in the life of a project, offering the opportunity to learn lessons, capture and share best practice, identify strengths and weaknesses and action plan accordingly. The process can take place at the end of a programme funding period (e.g. Single Regeneration Budget) or, increasingly, throughout the lifetime of the project (e.g. European Social Fund, 2005-2007), providing the opportunity for continuous performance measurement and improvement. Good independent evaluators offer project managers assistance in identifying and tackling particular hotspots, deciding between different options that are available and in due course assessing the potential to mainstream project activity, become self-sufficient, find further funding or manage the project’s effective closure.

Rocket Science is an independent consultancy based in London and Edinburgh with particular expertise in programme and project evaluation and review. Our methods of working involve a mix of quantitative and qualitative research techniques that capture robust, hard data, but also the perceptions, aspirations and insights of a range of stakeholders, including beneficiaries. This combination enables us to focus not only upon past performance, but on realistic outcomes for the whole duration of the project period. Importantly, it also allows us to capture, and feed back on a regular basis, creative and innovative ideas for how the project could be improved based upon the practical experience of those responsible for delivery as well as that of the beneficiaries receiving support.

We tailor our evaluation services to meet your exact needs, but elements are likely to include:

  • Workshops
  • One-to-one interviews
  • Desk Research
  • Capturing best practice
  • Exploring beneficiary perceptions
  • Using intuitive tools to capture and interpret beneficiary and partner opinions

 The Rocket Science Performance Benchmarking Scorecard

Rocket Science has considerable experience of developing effective tools to make the process of evaluation come alive. Our performance benchmarking scorecards capture the perceptions of a wide range of beneficiaries, partners, funders and project staff on a regular basis. This tool is designed in concert with the client to assess the features of a project that are considered to be most pertinent. The scoring translates qualitative views into quantitative scores and both the process of creating the scorecards and of scoring, analysing and acting upon them has proved a powerful project and performance management tool. Clients have included the London Development Agency, Learning and Skills Council, a number of SRB partnerships and individual ESF and NRF funded projects.

The tool is available as a paper version, an excel scorecard (click here to download a sample page) or as a web-enabled process (click here for further details)

Whether you are looking for support with an end of programme evaluation (e.g. SRB), or a process of rolling project evaluation (e.g. ESF Objective 3 or NRF), please give us a call for an informal discussion.

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